About Anago of Baltimore

Trusted Commercial Cleaning in Maryland

Anago of Baltimore Franchisees provide trusted commercial cleaning for discerning businesses, offices, and commercial facilities in the Baltimore area. Their janitorial services are a perfect fit for buildings of all shapes and sizes. They accommodate the cleaning needs for businesses across all industries, including auto dealerships, movie theaters, country clubs, schools, daycares, and churches, to name a few. They are a commercial cleaning company known for innovation, custom cleaning plans, and commitment to providing individualized attention to customers.

Providing a wide range of premier custodial services, including the use of green cleaning products and equipment, is only part of the equation in their eyes. Their goal is to establish a lasting relationship with their customers based on open lines of communication. The Customer Service Department is available to you 24/7, and our franchise owners implement checks and balances to assure the quality of their work.

One of their main goals is to be aligned with the image you are trying to project for your clients and staff. A clean, healthy and appealing work environment goes a long way in this regard, and so does paying close attention to detail as our franchise owners learn about you and your business cleaning needs. Our franchise owners run each franchise as the business it is and are committed to your satisfaction.

Anago of Baltimore Franchisees use proven proprietary cleaning systems that were developed over the course of time. These systems, which are employed using commercial-grade green chemicals and equipment, are available in plans that can suit any budget.

Our franchise owners bring a methodical, precision-like approach to their work and clean in a consistently excellent way. Learn more about our franchise owners and what they can do for your office or commercial facility.

See for yourself why our franchise owners provide Baltimore’s trusted commercial cleaning. call (410) 561-6503 today!